YouTube prepares rival TikTok

If before YouTube was the most famous and widespread video service, now TikTok is actively crowding it, so YouTube’s response to TikTok was only a matter of time. And now this time has come: according to the source, the most famous video service will have a version for the young audience called “Shorts”. This will happen by the end of this year.

At Shorts, users will be able to upload short videos to their channel inside a mobile application very similar to TikTok. They will also be able to use licensed music from the YouTube Music catalog. That is, here YouTube will follow the TikTok path, where users are given the choice of audio and music that can be used in their videos.

According to the App Annie report, TikTok has grown by over 125% over the past two years. The application has hundreds of millions of users and is a kind of cultural phenomenon. Over the past 12 months alone, the number of initial TikTok downloads from the Apple and Google application directories amounted to approximately 842 million. Of course, not all smartphone users then become active participants in TikTok, but the service audience is growing very quickly.

It should be noted that the growing popularity of TikTok is taken into account not only on YouTube. Facebook has also developed a rival to TikTok, the Lasso app. It is already available for use in the United States and Latin America.

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