YouTube and Netflix worsen video quality due to coronavirus

EU calls for action to increase traffic.
EU officials have urged content providers such as YouTube and Netflix to limit the quality of transmitted video to reduce network load in the face of significantly increased traffic.

Networks are currently experiencing peak loads due to the coronavirus pandemic. Users are massively switching to remote work, but the workload of streaming gaming and video services is also growing.

The EU authorities have urged streaming services to limit video quality at the SD level in order to reduce traffic consumption. This is a noticeable deterioration compared to the usual HD and 4K. The statement also reports on the “joint responsibility” of streaming platforms, operators and users for taking measures to ensure that the Internet remains operational while fighting the spread of the virus.

So far, no drastic measures to limit traffic have been taken. However, the Netflix administration has already agreed to reduce the quality of streaming video by 30 days.

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