You underestimate the power of 5G. Billion smartphones in a year

This year, 5G networks are just starting to unfold, while the market has so far presented several models of smartphones that can work in fifth-generation networks.

However, analysts are confident that the popularity of 5G-smartphones will grow rapidly. As soon as the average price drops and 5G coverage is more or less ubiquitous, sales of these devices will skyrocket. By 2025, annual sales of 5G-enabled smartphones are expected to exceed 1 billion units.

According to Strategy Analytics, sales of 5G-enabled smartphones will account for less than 1% of total sales in 2019. However, by 2020, the share of such hardware will be close to 10%.

South Korea is currently the leader in 5G deployment, but China intends to quickly become a world leader in the 5G era.

As previously reported, Huawei should become the leader in the Chinese market, which may sell half of all 5G smartphones in China next year.

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