You didn’t get end-to-end encryption of iPhone backups in iCloud due to Apple collaborating with the FBI

Although Apple wanted to introduce this technology.
According to Reuters, Apple has abandoned its intention to allow iPhone users to fully encrypt their backups after the FBI complained, saying that such a move by the Cupertian giant could damage the bureau’s investigations.

The story is actually not new, but only now has it become public knowledge. The source says that two years ago, Apple informed the FBI that it intends to give users the ability to fully encrypt backup data from the iPhone. Apple’s goal was primarily to protect user data from hacker attacks.

However, shortly afterwards, in a private conversation between Apple and the FBI, bureau officials opposed the idea, saying that such a move by the company would deprive the FBI of the most effective options for obtaining data on certain crimes in the framework of investigations. As a result, a year later, Apple abandoned its plans.

They decided they would no longer tease the bear

Former Apple Employee

The bottom line is that, despite the public confrontation, which escalated in 2016, Apple, not particularly disclosing, is collaborating with the FBI, including providing the bureau with the very same iCloud backups. In particular, Apple’s latest report on this issue indicated that for the first half of last year, the company, based on official court documents, provided various government agencies with full backups of data from the iPhone and other information from iCloud in 1,568 cases, covering a total of about 6000 accounts. In the case of the introduction of full encryption, this would become impossible.

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