The details of the “hacking” of Xiaomi’s automatic feeder have become known

A few days ago, themed resources spread around the news that “a Russian female hacker has cracked all the Xiaomi feeders.”

Today, the external press service of Xiaomi issued a statement shedding light on the situation. The text of the statement is given below.

“In the light of recent news, we are writing to you with a response statement regarding the hacking of an automatic pet feeder.
Xiaomi considers security and data protection to be one of its most important values, and since 2013 has been a member of the reward program for detecting errors and vulnerabilities. ”

A specialist who discovered the technical vulnerability of the device did not contact Xiaomi representatives, however, he directly contacted the FURRYTAIL team directly.

FURRYTAIL automatic feeder is not a Xiaomi product – it is a third-party brand product that is presented on numerous trading platforms in China. Youpin – the site that is the Xiaomi e-commerce platform – is one of the distribution channels of the FURRYTAIL automatic feeder.

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