Xiaomi will release this year a smartphone with a 144 megapixel camera

Last year, rumors appeared about 150-megapixel image sensors for smartphones. The production of this, in particular, was attributed to Samsung. And now, the well-known insider Sudhanshu Ambhore (Sudhanshu Ambhore) said that Xiaomi is working on a smartphone with a camera resolution of 144 megapixels. Apparently, the Samsung sensor will be used in this model, and its optical format will be close to 1 inch.

According to the informant, such a smartphone will be called either Xiaomi Mi 10S Pro, or Xiaomi CC10 Pro. Or maybe so, and so: just CC10 Pro will be sold in China, and Mi 10S Pro – worldwide. Xiaomi CC9 Pro was released in early November last year, which means that the CC10 Pro should appear at about the same time this year, and the Mi 10S Pro will be released with a traditional delay of several weeks. More about smartphones is not reported.

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