Xiaomi will release a new generation of smart protective mask

Against the backdrop of global air pollution and the outbreak of coronavirus in China, the demand for face masks has increased significantly, and it is not going to decline yet.

According to foreign media reports, Xiaomi has patented a new generation smart face mask. According to the description of the patent, the mask will be equipped with an integrated computing unit, which contains a processor for processing all the data that will come from the mask sensors.

In addition, the computing unit will be equipped with a module for storing the received data, as well as a wireless module for transferring all stored data to the user’s smartphone. Of course, the built-in battery will provide the operation of these components.

A mask equipped with filters for air purification will record the total wearing time, the degree of contamination of the mask and air, the amount of air let through and the number of breaths. All these data can be viewed in real time on the smartphone screen.

In addition, the mask also has accelerometers and gyroscopes that help determine if the user is in motion. You can also track a user’s breathing problems.

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