Xiaomi will leave dentists without bread

Introduced $ 24 portable irrigator.
The Chinese manufacturing giant Xiaomi has a variety of home goods, which are produced by a variety of partner companies.

At the beginning of this week, Xiaomi Mijia portable oral irrigator was introduced, which is equipped with a water tank. According to Xiaomi representatives, the fundraising campaign for the release of this device will start tomorrow, at the crowdfunding stage, the price of this device will be $ 24.

The oral irrigator is used to remove plaque, food debris from the interdental spaces and massage the gums due to pulsations of the water stream. Xiaomi Mijia Irrigator comes with a new intelligent permanent magnet motor. It provides a water pressure of 140 psi or 9.5 atm.

This allows water to penetrate the interdental space and effectively clean teeth from all sides, washing away food debris. In addition, the device prevents diseases of the oral cavity and makes an excellent massage of the gums to reduce their bleeding. Xiaomi Mijia Irrigator supports four professional nozzles. The device complies with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) USA standards.

If we talk about battery life, the device is equipped with a built-in battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh. With regular use, the charge lasts about 45 days. The USB-C connector is used for recharging.

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