Xiaomi Watch integrates smart voice assistant

The Xiaomi Watch smart watch will have a lot of built-in things: an NFC adapter, GPS, and even a SIM card. And the voice assistant is not forgotten – as in a full-fledged smartphone.

Moreover, developers consider it one of the important features of the model, otherwise they would bother with various options for calling an assistant. And there are, by the way, three of them.

The first is a long press on the main key. The second is swipe to the right on the main screen. The third is a voice command. Well, the user will decide for himself which option is the most convenient for him.

However, it should be noted that the proprietary voice assistant Xiao Ai will be in the Chinese version of the model. Whether a smart assistant will be offered in the international version of watches is a question for now. But in the matter of the price of the device today there is more clarity.

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