Xiaomi unveils MIIIW Air 85 Bluetooth dual-mode mini keyboard on its co-financing platform

Xiaomi introduced the MIIIW Air 85 Bluetooth mini-keyboard, which is equipped with 85 keys, on its collective financing platform.

The keyboard received rounded corners and the same buttons, its thickness is 7.8 mm, and the angle of inclination to the surface is 8 degrees (the back is slightly raised to facilitate typing).

The symbols on the keys are laser engraved. The keyboard supports dual-mode connection, that is, it can be connected via Bluetooth, as well as through the radio interface. You can easily switch between modes using special keys.

The MIIIW Air 85 Bluetooth Mini Keyboard supports devices that run on Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS operating systems. A dedicated button is provided for switching between operating systems.

The MIIIW Air 85 Bluetooth dual-mode mini-keyboard comes in black and pink and is priced at $ 22.

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