Xiaomi shower head cleans water from chlorine and bacteria

The Xiaomi Youpin platform has started raising funds for the production of a shower head with an integrated filter, which is manufactured by Diiib. At the pre-order stage, you can buy it for less than $ 10, then the price will double.

The nozzle received 40 holes with a diameter of 0.25 mm, which allows you to take a shower under a comfortable pressure even with a low water pressure in the system. The nozzle body is made of stainless steel with high strength and strong anti-corrosion properties. The manufacturer claims that no spots remain on the case and no rust appears even after several years of use.

Inside there is a dual filtration system, including a layer of activated carbon fiber, which allows you to retain residual chlorine. The cotton filter helps remove any tiny particles and impurities that may be in the water.

The diameter of the filter holes is 1-4 nm, so the manufacturer also claims that it retains 99% of the bacteria. Change the filter if it takes on a dark brown color. On average, it takes several months.

Also, customers are offered to buy a hose at a price of $ 15, and a nozzle kit with 3 spare filters will cost $ 16.

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