Xiaomi showed the performance of a 40-watt wireless charging [VIDEO]

Xiaomi showed a fresh development that allows you to charge devices wirelessly with a maximum power of up to 40 watts.

The previously announced flagship Xiaomi Mi 10 is able to charge without using wires from a power supply with a capacity of up to 30 watts. Xiaomi’s new technology raises the bar even higher – a published video demonstrates 40-watt wireless charging.

Xiaomi demos 40W fast wireless charging

The capacity of the battery installed in the demonstration smartphone, according to representatives of the company, is 4000 mAh. From 0% to 57%, the gadget was charged in just 20 minutes, and it took about 40 minutes to fully charge.

If we compare the solution proposed by Xiaomi with the previously announced 60-watt vivo technology, shown in the concept Vivo Apex 2020, then it surpasses the competitor, although Xiaomi’s current and voltage indicators are 30% lower. It is expected that a new wireless charging with a capacity of up to 40 watts may appear in the company’s smartphones by the end of the year.

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