Xiaomi showed real 5G network speed

At the sixth World Internet Conference, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, Lei Jun, spoke about the company’s successes in adopting 5G technology.

The conference was held in Wujen, where the fifth generation networks have already been established. Lei Jun conducted several tests, the initial download speed was 400 Mbps. Subsequently, he received a download speed of 787 Mbit / s, which he described with the abbreviation “OK”.

According to Lei Jun, 5G offers a whole new experience and every phone user deserves to feel it. At the moment, the first Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G smartphone is still very difficult to purchase. The head of the company said that demand was much higher than expected.

He also stated that many people doubt the need for ultra-fast 5G speeds. At the same time, Lei Jun is confident that next year 4G-enabled phones may face a sharp drop in sales.

Xiaomi leader hopes carriers can accelerate 5G deployment. In his opinion, 5G is becoming an accelerator in the development of the digital economy. 5G is a big event for the entire communications industry and the Internet industry.

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