Xiaomi says sales in China are close to full recovery

Xiaomi’s Chinese smartphone maker said today that it has been seeing signs of strong sales recovery in China as the country begins to bounce back after an outbreak of coronavirus.

“The ( Chinese ) market has entered the stage of full recovery and has already recovered to 80–90% of the normal level,” said Shou Zi Chew, financial director of the company, commenting on the next financial report. He acknowledged that sales in China fell in the first quarter due to an outbreak of coronavirus, but did not specify how much.

According to Chew, he expects the demand for smartphones to be sustained throughout the world, despite the spread of coronavirus. Xiaomi will still experience a dip in global smartphone sales in March and April, but recovery should begin in May too.

Over the past few years, expanding operations abroad has become a key strategy for Xiaomi and other Chinese manufacturers, as the domestic smartphone market has experienced a recession.

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