Xiaomi Mi Watch in the first high-quality photo is used to control a smart home

A trusted network informant, who leads a page on the social network Twitter under the nickname @AndroidSaint, has published the first high-quality photo of the Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch.

They show us the Xiaomi Mi Watch on the user’s hand. The inscription below says that Xiaomi Mi Watch can be used to control all smart home devices. And the clock screen displays the icons of an air purifier, a hub of a smart home and a Xiaomi smart lamp.

Recall, in Xiaomi Mi Watch, developers have implemented a system of convenient quick text input on a small watch screen. A special application allows you to monitor the course of securities in the US and Hong Kong markets in real time. The watch is equipped with an FM radio and the corresponding application. There are separate applications for travelers, the clock can be used as a boarding pass at the airport. There is a proprietary music player and an NFC module.

Presentation of new items is expected on November 5.

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