Xiaomi Mi Band and Amazfit manufacturer announced T-Rex gadget from the new device category

It’s not about smart watches or fitness bracelets.
Huami Technology, a manufacturer of Xiaomi fitness bracelets and Amazfit smart watches, today announced that on January 1, the company will launch a new line of Amazfit T-Rex devices.

In addition to the launch date and the names of upcoming products, the company has not yet revealed any details. That is, we do not know which products will be included in the Amazfit T-Rex line, but, presumably, we will again talk about wearable gadgets.

There is a possibility that the products that will be introduced by Huami in China on January 1 will debut on the global market on January 7 at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

However, Huang Wang, CEO of Huami Technology, said the company was preparing to present a new product category at a presentation during the upcoming CES 2020. That is, under the name Amazfit T-Rex, it’s not possible to hide watches or fitness bracelets, but something completely new.

In addition, the company says on Weibo social network that this new category of products was developed for “sports and fitness enthusiasts, offering a new lifestyle and helping users to test themselves and push boundaries.”

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