Xiaomi Mi 10 world record turned out to be fake

The first smartphone with superfast memory LPDDR5 was called a few days ago.
Today, Micron Technology announced the start of mass deliveries of the world’s first LPDDR5 memory modules, which will allow smartphones with 5G support to develop data transfer speeds of up to 6.4 Gb / s.

Xiaomi hastened to declare that the first smartphone that received ultrafast RAM was Xiaomi Mi 10. Moreover, initially they wanted to install LPDDR5 memory only in Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, but in the end it was decided to make all models as fast as possible. This has led to a rise in price of the Xiaomi Mi 10 line.

However, almost immediately, Nubia Technology’s CEO Ni Fei posted a high-quality photo of the new flagship smartphone Nubia Red Devil 5G on Weibo’s Chinese social network, as well as a refutation of the statement made by Xiaomi.

I reported a few days ago that the Nubia Red Devil 5G gaming smartphone will receive LPDDR5 RAM. Many people ask if such memory will be available only in the older version. I can assure you that LPDDR5 memory is the standard for all versions of Nubia Red Devil 5G.

Ni Fey

However, Xiaomi Mi 10 has every chance to get ahead of the Nubia Red Devil 5G and become the first smartphone with LPDDR5 memory, which goes on sale. But if we talk about which smartphone with LPDDR5 memory was announced first, then this is Nubia Red Devil 5G.

Nubia Red Devil 5G will receive a screen with a 144 Hz image refresh rate, Snapdragon 865, 5G and 55 W ultra-fast charging. His announcement is also expected in the very near future.

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