Xiaomi leader sends 90-ton aircraft to coronavirus outbreak epicenter

At the same time, he is preparing to launch Xiaomi Mi 10 and communicates with fans.
The Chinese media report that not only companies, but also individuals transfer very large amounts to fight the outbreak of coronavirus.

We already wrote that Xiaomi sent N95 protective masks, medical masks and thermometers to Wuhan for a total amount of several hundred thousand dollars. Today, information appeared that the additional help was provided personally by the head of Xiaomi, Lei Jun.

A 90-ton plane arrived tonight in Wuhan, which was filled with medical supplies worth about $ 1.8 million. The entire batch was fully paid by the leader of Xiaomi. The cargo contained 200,000 sets of protective clothing, 90,000 N95 protective masks, 1 million surgical masks, 2 million KF94 masks and 100,000 goggles.

Taking an active part in the fight against the outbreak of coronavirus, Lei Jun and all senior management of the company are preparing to launch Xiaomi Mi 10, which will take place literally in a few days.

The head of Xiaomi also communicates with users of the Weibo social network. Today he asked what is more important for them, charging power or battery capacity.

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