Xiaomi is in no hurry in the United States, planning to conquer Europe first


Xiaomi CFO Chew Shou Zhi gave an interview to Bloomberg, in which he revealed some details about the company’s upcoming plans in the European region.

Initially, he confirmed that the company plans to actively develop the 5G market in China this year. But more interesting was the statement that Xiaomi intends to conquer the market of Western Europe.

Chu Shou Zhi said the company has already made huge strides in Western Europe, becoming the fourth largest smartphone provider in the region. At the same time, the success of the company is determined not only by smartphones, since Xiaomi has won a significant share of the market for wearable devices, ranking second in the region.

Interestingly, Xiaomi is the largest supplier of electric scooters in Western Europe, which have already occupied more than 70% of the market in many countries of the European region. Xiaomi CFO added that the company increased sales by 90% over the past year.

When asked if Xiaomi plans to introduce 5G smartphones in the US, Chu Shaw Ji said that American fans will probably have to wait.


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