Xiaomi introduced an ultra-cheap waterproof electric shaver

Xiaomi introduced the new Mijia Electric Shaver S300 shaver, which is a more affordable version of the Mijia Electric Shaver S500 and Mijia Electric Shaver S500C.

The Mijia S300 electric shaver is similar in design to the Mijia S500C. She got a familiar design with three floating heads and double blades. The auxiliary blade lifts the bristles, and the main blade quickly cuts it off.

A feature of the Mijia Electric Shaver S500C is that the head is interchangeable, but the Mijia Electric Shaver S300 does not. At the same time, the device received an IPX7 waterproof case, which allows it to be used in the shower.

The gadget is equipped with a USB-C charging connector, which allows you to quickly recharge the battery. Unlike the Mijia Electric Shaver S500C, the novelty lacks a display that shows the percentage of remaining battery power each time the device is turned on. Instead, there is an LED indicator that shows when the razor is charging or in use. The indicator turns red at low charge levels. When transporting the shaver, you can turn on the lock mode, which will prevent the device from turning on.

The main feature of the Mijia Electric Shaver S300 is the price, which is only $ 13. The novelty will go on sale on April 9.

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