Xiaomi in 6 years has done what other companies have not been able to for decades

And it’s not about smartphones.
Xiaomi basically knows everything about smartphones, but the company’s TVs are also widely known. Moreover, in some countries, Xiaomi TV just rolls over the popularity of TV. A fresh example came from China.

The company reported on the sale of 10 million TVs in the home market this year, and the year has not yet ended, so in fact the total TV sales for 2019 will be more. But here’s what’s interesting: Xiaomi has been offering its own TVs for only 6 years, and during that time it has been able to reach the sales volume of 10 million units a year. At the same time, market old-timers cannot reach such results in any way – despite the fact that they have been working in this segment for decades! For example, Hisense has been selling TV in China for 40 years, Skyworth – 30 years, TCL – 38 years …

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