Xiaomi has new noise canceling headphones

Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones on the way.
The well-established Indian network informant Mukul Sharma regularly provides us with interesting news about the latest in the mobile industry.

This time, he got information about the upcoming announcement of Xiaomi’s new wireless headphones with noise reduction, which are called Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones.

The source was the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which is developing Bluetooth standards, as well as certifying devices equipped with this technology, which posted information about the device on its website.

At the moment, it is not known whether this model is completely wireless headphones, in what form factor Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones are made and so on.

Analysts’ reports confirm that wireless headphones continue to gain in popularity as smartphone makers gradually abandon the 3.5 mm jack in new models.

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