Xiaomi has added a new reading mode “Paper” in MIUI 12

Xiaomi continues to add new features to MIUI 12 that were not present in the firmware at the time of the April announcement of the firmware. In a fresh beta version of June 30, there was a mention of the new “Paper” mode in the “Reading mode” settings.

MIUI has long had several options for displaying information. With the release of MIUI 12, the company introduced the improved Dark Mode 2.0 with dynamic contrast and brightness depending on the environment.

Now, users who spend a lot of time reading texts on a smartphone will have a new eye-comfortable mode. Sources say that this setting will not be available on all Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones that have already received or are yet to receive the final version of MIUI 12.

In addition, when you select the Paper reading mode, users will have three options:

  • Full color image
  • Light colors
  • Black and white

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