Xiaomi finally abandoned the development of its own processors

In early 2017, Mi5C was released – the first Xiaomi smartphone based on the proprietary Surge S1 processor. After that, there were rumors about the development of new chips, but it never came to the announcement. According to the latest information, the Chinese company completely refused to release its own processors, focusing on other areas of development.

Industry sources claim that Xiaomi has focused on products that do not require such a large investment. Instead of developing complex chips, the company went on to research low-power Bluetooth devices, radio frequency modules, and other peripheral components. This will allow in the long run to find a balance between the development of a competitive product and profit.

In support of such plans, information is provided on Xiaomi’s recent purchases. So, recently acquired a stake in Hypower Electronics, a manufacturer of fast-charging chips. Earlier in 2020, Xiaomi invested significant amounts in several Chinese chipset manufacturers, as well as in Verisilicon, a chip maker.

Xiaomi does not comment on this information.

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