Xiaomi CC9 Pro takes better pictures of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Is there a new challenger for leadership in the DxOMark ranking?

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun posted an interesting picture on Weibo. On it are two photographs taken indoors and in not the best conditions. The left photo was taken using the Xiaomi CC9 Pro Pentacamera, the right photo was taken using the iPhone 11 Pro Max triple camera.

The result, in general, is obvious. The photo taken by Xiaomi CC9 Pro is not as bright as in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but there are no highlights (the inscription on the sign in the photo from the iPhone is impossible to read), and the color reproduction is closer to real.

Xiaomi’s new product director, Wang Teng Thomas, previously announced that the CC9 Pro has already been sent for testing to DxOMark specialists. The result will most likely be announced on the announcement day on November 5th.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro received a high-quality camera, the detailed characteristics of which are already known. But the top platform in this model, alas, will not be.

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