Xiaomi and Redmi are crowded on all fronts

Realme plans not only televisions, but also laptops, smart home devices, suitcases and so on.
A couple of days ago there was information that the company Realme, which very loudly declared itself on the smartphone market and made a worthy competition to Xiaomi and Redmi, is going to release its first TV.

Francis Wang, director of marketing for Realme in India, has confirmed that Realme will present its first smart TV at Mobile World Congress later this month. If users respond well to Realme TV, the company will consider creating a Realme laptop.

Wang Wei, vice president of Realme, added that the company is actively engaged in research and development in the field of smart television. He added that for various regions of the world the company plans to offer unique products in a wide variety of categories.

We are building the future AIoT ecosystem based on three key scenarios related to people, families, and travel. For people there are wearable and audio products. We study wearable devices of all categories. In addition, there will be new audio products. As for the family, the core is TV, and we are already planning on launching it. In addition, we are preparing devices for smart homes. If we talk about travel, then wait for the release of new portable batteries, as well as bags, suitcases and so on.

Wang Wei

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