Xiaomi advises users of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones to participate in MIUI testing

An interesting hint about the upcoming launch of the next version of the MIUI branded shell for Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones was found on the official website.

Chinese users noticed the first mention of MIUI 12 on the MIUI website. When trying to search for opportunities to participate in test programs, if nothing is found, users are given advice to start participating in MIUI 12.

An approximate translation from Chinese is: “Not found, but it’s already worth starting to participate in MIUI 12”. This indicates that the company is already in full swing preparing to launch MIUI 12 and may soon reveal details about the development.

So far, not all Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones have received the expected update to the latest version of the Android 10 operating system with the MIUI 11 proprietary shell.

The launch of the final version of MIUI 12 will take place this year, presumably in August-September.

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