Xbox Series X can get SSDs up to 7 GB / s


PlayStation 5 with its 2 GB / s SSD will be behind.
According to the source, Phison, a well-known developer of controllers for solid state drives, was among the suppliers of hardware for the Microsoft Xbox Series X game console. Against this background, there were rumors that the SSD consoles can boast speeds of up to 7 GB / s.

Rumors are based on the availability of the PS5018-E18 controller in the Phison range. This is an advanced 12nm solution supporting PCIe 4.0 and NVMe 1.4. PS5018-E18-based SSDs can read up to 7 GB / s. According to rumors, SSDs from the PlayStation 5 configuration will be slower – its read speed will be up to 2 GB / s.

So far, these data have not been confirmed in any way, but usually rumors have some basis. The Xbox Series X may not use such a fast controller, but, say, the Phison solution, which is one step lower, is slightly worse: the Phison PS5016-E16 provides read and write speeds of 5 and 4.4 GB / s.


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