Windows 7 just doesn’t give up. Users are extremely reluctant to upgrade to Windows 10

Despite the near termination of support for Windows 7, users are in no hurry to follow Microsoft’s advice and move to a more modern Windows 10. This is evidenced by the latest statistics on the use of computer operating systems in the world, provided by NetMarketShare.

Launched in 2009, Windows 7 over the past month has almost not lost in market share and continues to firmly hold second place on a global scale. Its share fell from 26.94% in October to 26.86% in November. In the first place is Windows 10. It is interesting that its share also does not grow, but decreases – from 54.30% in October to 53.33% in November.

All other operating systems occupy a much smaller share. Thus, macOS 10.14, which is in third place in the world, covers 4.62%. Then comes Windows 8.1 with 3.42% and macOS 10.15 with 3.93%. Linux is in eighth place with 1.16%, behind even Windows XP with 1.62%.

For regular users, extended support for Windows 7 ends January 14, 2020. Microsoft now warns users about the imminent death of Windows 7 and offers to switch to Windows 10.

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