Windows 7 cannot die. Microsoft is required to give a second life to the OS

The platform must be free and open.
Microsoft discontinued official support for the Windows 7 operating system on January 14th. However, users were completely not ready to say goodbye to their favorite platform.

The Free Software Foundation decided to support the public and published a petition urging Microsoft to give Windows 7 a second life. To do this, it is proposed to release the OS in the form of free open source software, as well as to allow the global community of developers to study and improve it.

Everyone can sign a petition with the following basic requirements for Microsoft leadership:

  • We require that Windows 7 be released as free software. Her life should not end. Let the community study, modify and disseminate it.
  • We urge respect for the freedom and confidentiality of users, and not just force them to switch to new versions of Windows.
  • We want to get additional evidence that you really respect the users themselves and the freedom of users, and not just use these concepts for marketing when it suits you.

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