Windows 10X will not work this year

The Windows 10X operating system was introduced in October last year. This is a standalone version of Windows 10 designed specifically for dual-screen mobile devices. In particular, Microsoft itself then showed its own similar product – Surface Neo.

Surface Neo and other devices with Windows 10X should have been released at the end of this year, as Microsoft originally promised. However, it seems that the coronavirus pandemic made adjustments to the company’s plans.

According to a source, Microsoft said that we should not wait at all for any two-screen devices with Windows 10X this year. And the caveat about the type of devices in this case is important.

If initially Windows 10X was announced as an operating system exclusively for devices with two displays, now, according to the source, Microsoft is working to eventually bring Windows 10X to ordinary mobile PCs with one screen to combat chromebooks. Perhaps Windows 10X itself in this case will still enter the market this year, but so far all this is just a rumor.

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