Windows 10 Planned Update Leads to Blue Screen of Death

February update – not only a cleaned desktop and Start menu.
As it turned out, the recent planned update of Windows 10 brings even more problems than anticipated.

On February 11, Microsoft released its next Windows 10 update as part of the monthly Patch Tuesday update, traditionally released on the second Tuesday of the month. The Windows 10 update under KB4532693 brings numerous fixes, including security.

Last week, users who installed the update noticed an unpleasant problem – Windows 10 KB4532693 returns the Start menu and the desktop to its original appearance, deleting all the shortcuts. Some users also reported the loss of not only shortcuts, but also the files themselves.

However, this was not the end of the matter. Messages appeared on the network that Windows 10 KB4532693 leads to a “breakdown” of the computer. The system does not boot after installing the recommended Microsoft update and displays a blue screen of death. According to some victims, removing Windows 10 KB4532693 helps to cope with the problem.

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