Windows 10 is even closer to macOS. Added calls from smartphone to PC

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the completion of testing a new version of Your Phone application for computers that are running the Windows 10 operating system.

Your Phone app now allows users to sync their computer and smartphone. Then you can use a Windows 10 PC to receive and make calls directly from it.

It is important to note that Your Phone application must be installed both on the computer and on the smartphone connected to it. Only in this case should the new functionality work properly. The smartphone and computer are synchronized via Wi-Fi.

From a computer, you can select any person from the phone book of your smartphone and make a call or receive a call if you are too lazy to pick up a smartphone.

It is worth noting that global testing of this function began in October, but then users reported errors and malfunctions. Now the functionality is stable.

The update is distributed in stages in all regions of the world. If it is not yet available on your computer, just wait a couple of days.

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