Will Intel benefit from coronavirus outbreak in China?

The company’s market share in the CPU may drop less than it would without a flash.
In recent days, we often read various forecasts regarding how the outbreak of coronavirus in China will affect the economy of the country as a whole and specific manufacturers in particular.

Of course, always it was a question of negative consequences. But could someone in this situation be positive?

As it turned out, quite. The resource DigiTimes reports that due to a decrease in demand for PCs and accessories for them, the shortage of Intel processors in the Celestial Empire has now significantly decreased, which may lead to AMD slowing the pace of market capture. Simply put, in the first quarter, Intel’s share will drop less than it could if there hadn’t been a flash.

The source also says that the supply of components for the PC has so far suffered insignificantly, but the demand as a whole has sagged greatly.

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