Why you can not send photos of bank cards in instant messengers


Sending a photo of your card is already essentially a leak, which can help attackers steal your money.
Anatoly Lebedev, deputy head of the information security department at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, talked about why you cannot send photos of bank cards in instant messengers.

He noted that it could pose a threat to the security of funds. And although a snapshot of only the front of the card is not enough to steal funds, attackers can trick the user into a code by tricking, for example, by calling on behalf of the bank.

Banks are insured with a one-time password, they send a six-digit code. But you can also fight this, these codes are diverted to another phone, duplicating SIM cards. You have to be careful when you shine on the Internet with your data. There is no need to keep a lot of money on one card, it is better to break it into pieces.

Anatoly Lebedev

The reason for this conversation was the statement of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Stanislav Kuznetsov, who said that attackers often receive bank card data through messengers. He added that any sending a photo of his card is already essentially a leak, which will allow him to find the victim’s full name and phone number, and then try to get the missing data.


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