Why is Facebook acquiring a Swedish mapping company?

A few days ago, social media giant Facebook acquired Mapillary, a Swedish mapping company. About this in the blog Mapillary said CEO and co-founder of the company Jan Eric Solem.

  • “From the very first day of working at Mapillary, we have been striving to create a global street-level image platform that will allow everyone to receive the images and data needed to create better maps,” it was informed. “With the help of tens of thousands of participants on our platform and improving maps with Mapillary data, every day we take the next big step in this journey.”
  • “Today, we are pleased to announce that Mapillary is joining Facebook to participate in open mapping efforts. As some of you know, Facebook is creating tools and technologies for improving maps through a combination of machine learning, satellite imagery, and partnerships with the mapping communities, which is part of their mission to bring the world closer together, Solem continues. “These maps provide the foundation for products like the Facebook Marketplace, which provide transactions for millions of small businesses and provide important data to humanitarian organizations around the world.”

According to the general director of Mapillary, the tools created by the company for “a lively and visual presentation of every place in the world” will complement the information obtained through aerial photography and other specialized tools.

Despite the deal, Mapillary is committed to the OpenStreetMap project. In other words, the rights granted to OpenStreetMap editors will remain and work with communities and companies participating in OpenStreetMap will continue, as before, under the leadership of Mapillary.

The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

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