Why are you handsome in the mirror and dumb in the photo on the phone

The eye is an organ in which the principle of operation is the same as that of the camera.

The eye, like the camera, has its own focal length.

In the human eye, this focal length is 50-35 mm, which is why lenses with such a focal length are considered portrait painters. Since the photos on these lenses give us the picture that we see with the eye and it seems to us more pleasant, ordinary, the one we are used to .
but this is not a problem, not all phones have a camera that matches our focal length, which is why it does not display our actual view, which we are used to in the mirror
below you can see how the focal length affects the shape of the face

if you don’t see the difference, look at the first with 20mm and the last at 200mm.

Like two different people right?

But the approximate focal length of phones, the iPhone has a clear advantage in image transmission, with its 32 mm it almost replaces the mirror, and that’s why iPhones are so loved by girls, they think that they are more beautiful in iPhones than on other smartphones, but in fact, beautiful they always.

From here there is a tendency to different focal lengths, now some are chasing the amount of space that fits in the selfie so that more people enter, hence the selfie sticks, but in the modern world we see a trend when cameras with different focal lengths are simply added, hence 3 cameras.

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