Who received the most patents in the USA in 2019?


IFI CLAIMS Patent Services has published data that helps them understand who and whom they are “superior to in the patent war.” IFI specialists prepared a rating of companies according to the number of patents they received in the USA in 2019. It includes 50 items and is ranked by number of patents.

So, most of all patents – 9262 – received the American company IBM. By the way, in 2018, she also headed the rating, having received 9,100 patents.

The second place was retained by the South Korean company Samsung. She received 6469 patents versus 5850 in 2018.

Third place, like a year ago, is occupied by the Japanese company Canon. In 2019, she received 3,548 patents, in 2018 – 3,056 patents.

The following are US companies Microsoft and Intel, which received 3081 and 3020 patents, respectively. Compared to 2018, Intel went down one notch, and Microsoft went up three notches in the ranking.

Sixth place is occupied by the South Korean company LG (2805 patents), seventh – American Apple (2490), eighth – American Ford (2468), ninth – American Amazon (2427).

And only reaching the tenth line, you can find the first Chinese company in the list of “top 50”. This is Huawei with 2418 patents. In 2018, it was six positions lower with 1,680 patents.

The entire list can be studied in the source, but even from these data it is clear that American companies are confidently leading in the number of patents received in the United States in 2019.


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