When buying a server with new Intel processors, do not forget to say thanks to AMD

Intel again has to strengthen its products to compete with Epyc CPU.
We have already seen how Intel has repeatedly resorted to lower prices for old processors in order to be able to compete with AMD. In addition, several new lines of CPUs came out with prices half that of their predecessors.

Now it is reported that another goal of Intel in this matter was the Xeon processors of the Cascade Lake line. True, in this case, the company decided to act differently than usual. Prices for updated CPUs that will be part of the Cascade Lake Refresh line will not be reduced, but the processors themselves will become more productive. Moreover, not only due to increased frequencies, but also due to an increase in the number of cores.

For example, the current Xeon Gold 6252, which has 24 cores and operates at a base frequency of 2.1 GHz, will be replaced by the Xeon Gold 6258R with 28 cores and a base frequency of 2.7 GHz. At the same time, the price will remain the same – about 3,600 dollars. However, it is also worth noting the significantly increased TDP: from 150 to 205 watts.

A complete list of updated CPUs can be seen in the table below. For convenience, processors are also indicated there, which will be replaced by new products.

The list, as we see, is large, although these are far from all Xeon Cascade Lake processors. Intel for some reason decided not to touch the top solutions. Although, perhaps, the source just does not know about it yet.

It is expected that the company will present new items on February 23.

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