Wheels for Mac Pro were more expensive than the top-end iPhone XR. If you buy them separately

The next-generation Apple Mac Pro is a very expensive PC, but unique. During the announcement of this device, probably the most surprised was the price of not a computer, but a monitor stand, for which they asked for $ 1000. Later they paid attention to the wheels for Mac Pro, which cost $ 400, while not even the name of the clips.

However, it has now turned out that they ask for $ 400 for wheels only if you buy a Mac Pro right away with this accessory. And if you want to buy a set of wheels separately, you have to give … 700 dollars! That is how much the Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit costs on the company’s official website.

Where did this difference come from? The fact is that standard legs, as it turned out, cost $ 300, so if you initially buy a Mac Pro with wheels, they are sold at a discount of those same $ 300, that is, for $ 400. Yes, the legs are now also sold separately – for $ 300.

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