Whatsapp turned out to be extremely unsafe

In a recent official statement, a representative of the United Nations (UN) said that the popular WhatsApp messenger is not safe software.

Due to security concerns, the UN has banned its officials from using the messaging app since June 2019. What are the roots of this accusation? Recall, the other day there was information that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman (Mohammed bin Salman) may be directly related to hacking the smartphone Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. Allegedly, an encrypted message was sent from WhatsApp’s phone that contained a malicious file.

Each UN official was instructed to refrain from using WhatsApp for official communication, since this messenger is not safe.

UN Press Secretary Farhan Haq

At the same time, WhatsApp developers claim that 1.5 billion people use the best messenger in the industry, including in terms of security.

Each message is secured using end-to-end encryption to prevent messages from being viewed on WhatsApp or unwanted third-party sources. Our encryption technology, developed in conjunction with Signal, remains the best to date and is highly regarded by security experts.

Carl Woog, Director of Communications, WhatsApp.

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