WhatsApp has ceased to be the most downloaded application in the world

In the summer of 2018, ByteDance introduced a mobile application that, after a year and a half, became one of the most popular on Earth. It’s about the TikTok short video creation service – he managed to move even the “omnipotent” WhatsApp by the number of downloads per month.

According to the source, in January 2020, TikTok downloaded 104 million times from the App Store and Google Play – more than the world’s most popular messenger. The downloads of both the original mobile application and Douyin were taken into account – under this name the service is known in China. Compared to January 2019, the popularity of TikTok in 2020 increased by 46%. The largest markets where it is most popular are India, Brazil and the United States. Analysts also note that downloads from third-party application stores were not taken into account – in reality their number can be much larger.

The total number of TikTok installations exceeded 1.82 billion and judging by the current dynamics, in February the application can set a new record and even surpass WhatsApp by the number of users. The global income of Douyin and Tiktok as of January 2020 is estimated at $ 28.6 million. The largest profits are generated by users of China (84.5%) and the USA (10.1%). According to experts, the coronavirus epidemic in China contributed to revenue growth, as people are forced to spend more time at home with smartphones.

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