WhatsApp finally has a long-awaited feature


The developers of the popular WhatsApp messenger continue to update it, adding new features and capabilities to the application, while many competitors have, for example, the same Telegram for quite some time.

Sometimes it may seem that WhatsApp developers are gradually adopting what is popular among Telegram users. However, even if this were so, there is nothing wrong with that. End users always benefit from competition.

For example, stickers on WhatsApp appeared only about a year ago, which Viber and Telegram have long had. Last summer, Telegram added animated stickers that quickly became very popular. Thanks to WaBetaInfo, we know that soon WhatsApp users will also see animated stickers.

The first mention of this possibility appeared in April last year, however, it seems that the developers from Telegram simply coped with the task faster. The source adds that before the appearance of animated stickers on WhatsApp, a very short period of time will pass, since the functionality is almost ready.

WaBetaInfo got access to a new version of the application, where you can download packs of animated stickers. The source confirms that they work great.


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