What is SLQJ? Meizu puzzled users with the new Meizu 16T teaser

Warming up interest in your new products with the help of teasers is standard practice, but sometimes the manufacturer is so fond of ciphers so as not to give out prematurely important details that users almost fall into a stupor from the mysteries in the images. This is exactly what happened with the new Meizu 16T teaser.

There are only four letters in the picture. SLQJ, and what this means is completely incomprehensible. Users at Weibo have different assumptions, but most agree that these letters indicate the presence of stereo speakers. Given that the promising Meizu 16T model is a model, firstly, rather big, and, secondly, a game, the presence of high-quality sound is a quite expected possibility. But it is not yet clear how these assumptions are true.

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