Hello everyone!

My name is Nick. I’m a MAC user lot of years. Working in the MAC OS X brings me an esthetic pleasure in comparison with other operating systems.

Sometimes people asked me to help them with their Apple computers. So I’m tired of repeating the same thing to everyone. That’s why I decided to make this site to help my friends install MAC OS X to their Apple devices first of all.

I called this site MACKINTOSH-HD because this name reflects the main task of this resource, namely, help in installing the MAC OS X to your Intel computer.

I think many of you have faced the problem of downloading obsolete operating systems from App Store. In any case, many of my acquaintances faced this. Agree that it is unpleasant when your favorite device stopped working. And reinstall the operating system from scratch is not possible because there is no operating system file, or you don’t know how to do this. Well, or you are updated to the latest version of the operating system from the App Store and something went wrong. You need to return your device to its original state, but how to do it? Here to help in this I created MACKINTOSH-HD website.

Later I decided to share some news that interesting for me.

I sincerely hope that the information provided by me will be useful to you. And I ask you not to judge me strictly for the design or content of my site. I’m new to this.

Thank you for visiting.

Sincerely, Nick.

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