What hide the first Xiaomi smartwatch

Reliable network informant Mukul Sharma has published the official computer image of the Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch, which shows the stuffing of a new wearable gadget.

Before disassembling the render in detail, we offer you to admire the live photo device.

The second image, which you will find below, confirms that Xiaomi’s first smartwatch will be equipped with a built-in SIM card (eSIM), Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC modules for contactless payments. Also, the watch will receive a high-quality vibration motor, a loud speaker and a high-capacity battery. The heart of the Xiaomi Mi Watch will be a productive single-chip system.

In other words, Xiaomi Mi Watch will be equipped with everything that a modern smart watch needs. The only question so far is the size of the device, which should be slightly larger than the Apple Watch.

The presentation of Xiaomi Mi Watch will be held on November 5 this year.

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