What do IndusOS and Huawei smartphones have in common? The latter can get the Bazaar App Store

Huawei continues to look for options to get out of the situation due to US sanctions. Recall, the main problem of Huawei right now is the lack of the ability to cooperate with Google, which is why there are no search giant services on the manufacturer’s smartphones.

Huawei is actively developing its own app store, but is not against using third-party solutions, especially if this is due to the specifics of the market.

In particular, according to a source, Huawei is in talks with the Indian company OSLabs regarding the use of its application store called App Bazaar, which is used in the IndusOS shell. The Bazaar App has over 400,000 regional applications in 12 languages of India, including Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

Initially, the App Bazaar is interesting for Huawei precisely within the Indian market, but the source adds that the company speaks with OSLabs regarding international cooperation.

Interestingly, a 20% stake in OSLabs belongs to Samsung venture capital fund.

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