Were there any sanctions? Huawei has already sold 200 million smartphones since the beginning of the year

Huawei, judging by the latest data, so far copes with US sanctions. Over the past quarter, the manufacturer managed to increase revenue by almost a quarter.

Now the company has announced that it has already sold 200 million smartphones during 2019. Moreover, the company reached this mark faster than ever. More precisely, 64 days earlier than last year!

Simply put, by the end of the year, one can expect record sales of Huawei, and the forecast for Apple’s return to second place among the largest manufacturers is under a big question.

True, it is worth considering one important aspect. The fact is that earlier US sanctions concerned mainly production issues, since Huawei had to restructure and look for new suppliers of components for their smartphones.

But the problems with Google have actually just begun and how they will affect Huawei sales is an open question.

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