Weaker than the Xbox. Journalists revealed the features of the PlayStation 5

While Sony is not in a hurry to share details about the PlayStation 5, however, more and more information about the upcoming next-generation console is gradually appearing on the network. So, the other day, journalists found out a couple of very interesting details. About, for example, that in one important parameter the Japanese console will be noticeably inferior to the competitor in the person of the Xbox Series X.

GameStop store representatives said the Sony PlayStation 5 will support 8K resolution and ray tracing technology. The console will also be equipped with an eight-core AMD processor and SSD-drive. Among other things, Sony will add backward compatibility with games for the PlayStation 4 and PS VR devices. However, this was already known earlier.

A much more interesting rumor circulating over the network was confirmed by IGN Japan employees. In a discussion of the official specs of the Xbox Series X that Microsoft previously published, they said the PlayStation 5 would have a 9.2 teraflops GPU. Consequently, the console will be inferior to the main competitor in this parameter.

Unfortunately, unlike Microsoft, Sony still has not officially unveiled its next console – while fans have only shown the logo of the gaming system. When the presentation takes place, it is not reported. Microsoft, in turn, did not disclose only the exact release date and price of the Xbox Series X. It is expected that the corporation will report this at E3 2020.

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