Waymo Acquires UK AI and Self-Driving Car Company

This is AI Latent Logic, which specializes in simulation training.
Waymo, an Alphabet holding company engaged in the development of self-driving cars, mainly operates in the United States. However, its recent acquisition demonstrates interest in reaching an international level. According to The Guardian, Waymo acquired the British company Latent Logic, which specializes in testing self-driving vehicles.

Latent Logic uses “simulation training” to simulate situations that arise as a result of human behavior that can be used when testing vehicles.

Usually, for teaching artificial intelligence, a technique is used in which AI gives answers to problems that are assessed as right or wrong. Gaining experience, AI over time acquires the ability to quickly give the correct answer.

However, this can be quite inefficient. On the contrary, in the process of simulation training, machines imitate human behavior, which allows them to master some implicit knowledge about the world, due to which the adoption of optimal decisions is accelerated. Waymo can use this technique to train self-driving vehicles using artificial intelligence that simulates complex human behavior, including breaking rules by drivers of other cars or irrational actions of pedestrians appearing in unexpected places.

The source does not name the transaction amount.

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